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brief moment of vanity.

I've been thinking of chopping off my hair. Like, short short. Not boy cut short, though, but girl cut short, with layers and wispy bangs and stuffs. The only thing really holding me up is that I spent a long time getting my hair to the point that I didn't have layers or bangs, and they take forever to grow out. However, it is hair, and it does grow, and so whatever wrongs I inflict on it will eventually grow out. I'm just tired of my hair being in my way, which even at its relatively short length, it is, and I'm tired of wearing it up all the time (but when I wear it down, see above). The other issue with short hair is that it requires being cut more often, but since there is a great beauty school right next to campus that does fantastic $10 haircuts, I can just about justify getting my hair cut every 6 to 8 weeks.


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