joyce (joyce) wrote,

dinner and a movie

Dinner was Alton Brown's salisbury steak, minus the mushrooms. rhiannonstone, you're right, it's damned tasty stuff. :) We usually do a milk gravy with our salisbury steak, so this was something different and tasty (red wine and pan drippings gravy). We do like a thicker gravy than this turned out to be (great flavor, but very runny), so I might try to figure out a way to thicken it up a bit, but otherwise, it was great. We did it with mashed potatoes, which I totally did not time correctly with the steaks and luckily, which don't mind sitting in a pot for an hour after they've been boiled, waiting to be mashed.

Note to self, this is not a class night meal, even a short class night.

The movie was The Manchurian Candidate, which I'd checked out of the school's library, having remembered that I wanted to see it at the time it came out but hadn't, and not remembering much about it other than it had Denzel Washington in it (always a plus, except for John Q) and that it was a political thriller. Bzzzt, wrong. It was a psych thriller built around politics, and a heavy heavy one at that. It wasn't a bad movie; in fact, it was rather good, just not what I was expecting. I'm feeling the need to go scrub my brain out a bit with something much lighter-hearted now.
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