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We went swimming this afternoon after my student appointment this morning (usually these appointments fall into 2 categories: they're not doing the readings or they're not taking notes. It's harder when they're doing the right things and just not getting it, but I think we came up with some good ideas for her) and had the pool all to ourselves except for the lifeguards and the chick who came in halfway through the hour. The water was warm and the swimming was blissful. My muscles and joints are a good deal happier now.

I made chocolate chip cookies this afternoon, with oil instead of butter. They're cake-like but quite tasty.

I badly want a nap and am resisting in hopes of sleeping well tonight.

I've decided that I'm not going to answer any questions in class tonight; I'm tired of being one of four people in a class of 16 that talks. I'm taking the night off; it's someone else's turn.

I'm working hard to resist the temptation to just cut class tonight; I know I'll get information I need, and while I could get it from someone else, it's easier to just go and get it myself. Besides, attendance is twenty percent of our grade, and there's no reason to lose any points off of that.

We have a test due in my Thursday night class this week; we haven't gotten back our last ones yet. He's not getting my test until I get back my last one. I'm not worried about points off, since 1) I plan on telling him that if I haven't seen my last test by Wednesday or so and 2) from what I hear, people have been turning work in late left and right without penalty.

I should go shower off the chlorine before class.

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