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I went, I voted. I experienced a touch screen for the first time. It was running a paper ticker every time I did something, so, hopefully my vote actually registered in whatever electronic land is tabulating these things. I voted straight Democrat for the partisan races, much as I have the last couple of elections and much as I hate doing so, because I hate 98 percent of the crap that the Republican party is spewing out these days much more. I didn't vote in the non-partisan (judge) races, because I always forget that they're non-partisan and forget that we elect judges in this state until I'm in the booth and thus, forget to do my research. I voted to give fire stations and libraries and the Greensboro Historical museum and parks and recs and neighborhood redevelopment and swimming centers and the International Civil Rights center and museum money, and really, those things felt the best of anything I got to vote on.

There was no line. The lady didn't check my ID (Jeff: "What's to prevent you from going back in and voting again later on?" "What, other than they'll recognize the only 20-something blonde chick they've seen all day?" "Well, there is that.") Overall, it was pretty painless. Well, except for the candidates I had to pick from, but well...

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