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I finished the new Dick Francis book; sadly, it was kind of disappointing. I shall post a review to stackofbooks tomorrow, but, Dick Francis is off his feed.

I'm having problems deciding what to read next. I went on a bit of a rampage a couple of weeks ago, checking out the first book of several series that sounded good, hoping to find a new author to chew on, but I'm not sure where I want to start.

We finally watched X3 tonight (we missed it when it was in the theater). Short non-spoilery summary: I liked it. Of course, I haven't ever read the comics (I'd heard that you'd like this if you didn't know canon). And I did, though too many things blew up and there wasn't enough meat to the movie (which is odd to say, when you're a girl whose normal request for movies is "Do things blow up?" I'd come to expect more plot from these movies, though. But it wasn't bad, and totally worth it for the bit after the credits. (I hold no responsibility if someone posts spoilers in comments.)

It's past my bedtime. I'm making bread so we can have French toast in the morning, and it's almoooooooooooost done.

It was a good day. More about that tomorrow, too.

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