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Dinner tonight was chili pie. I more or less followed her recipe, though I just used shredded up sharp cheddar for the cheese layer and didn't top it with more cheese on top of the crust (with the result that we had some crunchy bits, but those were tasty, too.) The crust took more than 2 cups of stock to make, and next time, I'll probably make less crust; there was quite a lot of it. However, both Jeff and I really, really liked this, making us two for two for new recipes this week. This, like most casseroles, would make an excellent recipe to make ahead in the afternoon on an evening when I have a late class, to be popped in the oven when appropriate.

The chili was dead easy, and turned out well: 3/4 of a can of organic tomato puree, 1 pound stew beef (local), cut up into smaller bits, onion and garlic and chili powder and salt and pepper (I actually underspiced this batch; we're such wimps that sometimes I err too far on the side of caution), in the crockpot on low for 5 hours. Num.
Tags: recipes:chili, recipes:make_ahead, recipes:new

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