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Techology hates me today. My laptop screen is being bitchy (again) and went out (again). At least it had the goodness to do so after I'd finished my paper for tonight. Aim Express has been down every time I've tried to get on. I've annexed Jeff's computer for the afternoon, but I don't have a whole lot of reason to need a computer (thankfully, since all my schoolwork is on mine). I've finished my rough draft that's due tonight and my reading that's due tonight, and so I'm parked in the living room with the windows open, watching some of my favorite West Wing season one episodes out of order and grading theory papers (they're essay tests; they take forever.) Probably my hands-down favorite West Wing episode ever (if not, it's certainly in the top five) is "Celestial Navigation", where Adama Mendoza gets his ass through into a Connecticut jail by a moron sheriff and the story is told through Josh. It's a lovely bit of storytelling, and I was always annoyed that they didn't do anything else with the character of Mendoza except for those two episodes. However, it is odd to see Edward James Olmos playing someone besides Adama, since I've gotten so used to seeing him in that role.

Also, it's making me want to watch "The Supremes" again, but that's up in like, season 5 or 6, so I won't be getting that for awhile.

Right. Back to paper grading.

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