joyce (joyce) wrote,

whirlwind day

So, last night, after we'd gotten home from jbmanning's, crisavec and redzils arrived; he had to be returned to the airport today, so they decided to come down last night to break up the drive and for a visit. They arrived later than they meant to, having gotten lost in the wilds of Stokes County (which is easy to do), but got unlost and got safely here. We did homemade pizza with vegetable Italian sausage and salads for dinner and sat around and talked for awhile before we all pumpkined pretty early; we were all tired.

This morning redzils and I tried to go to the farmer's market, but A&T was having their homecoming parade, and the entire area around there - including streets that weren't supposed to be blocked off - was locked up. We were happy to park it somewhere and hoof it in, but there was no parking. The whole area was a zoo, and after a fruitless hour spent driving around in traffic, we turned it around and came home. It was an incredibly frustrating morning. redzils stayed very, very calm for driving around in an unfamiliar city in completely nasty traffic (we spent 20 minutes stopped on Market because they had the street blocked off and there were no warning signs before you turned onto Market about it) while I peppered the air with sailor-like language. (I'm going to call the city Monday and yell at them. I wouldn't have minded so much if they hadn't blocked off roads that the information being distributed at the market last weekend hadn't said they were going to leave alone.) We have enough groceries in freezer and the house that we can get what we need at Deep Roots and Earthfare and be fine; it's just much more enjoyable and less hassle to do most of our shopping at the market.

Anyhow, we came home, and I made waffles for everyone, and then crisavec and redzils and I went out to Guilford Courthouse to walk around for a bit, with a detour by Cook-out for milkshakes, which they both agreed were very good (though I think there's a hole-in-the-wall place where crisavec is from that he would put in for the best-in-the-world title that I was bestowing on Cook-out.) We got him to the airport, came home, collected Jeff, and got some lunch at Bruegger's and did a little window shopping at Barnes and Noble.

redzils got on the road to home after that. My youngest sister was up from her job in SC for the weekend, so we went over to the parents', and had sweet and sour chicken for dinner and hung out with them for awhile. Now we're home, and I'm tired, though it's been a lovely weekend. Tomorrow holds homework, grading, laundry, a library run, BSG, and swimming.

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