joyce (joyce) wrote,

So, when we last saw her heroine, she and jeni and redzils had just taken off to the airport to pick up crisavec. What should have been a relatively simple operation was complicated by the fact that his plane was late, and his previous connection had been late, which meant that while he (barely) got onto his flight to GSO, his bag did not. We waited by the baggage claim for quite awhile, watching everyone else's bags spinning around, and then gave up and went to fill out the lost bag paperwork, then headed home a couple hours later than we thought we would. :) I had made up dinner - beef and potato enchiladas - before we left, so I called Jeff and got him to put it in the oven, so we walked into the house with dinner ready, which was nice. We spent the rest of the evening chatting and drinking wine and watching the cats and redzil's puppy facing off with each other (the integration of the speciest went better this weekend than it did last time she came to visit, but not great; we're having high hopes for next time.)

This morning was a flurry of breakfast making and packing up, and then everyone took off. Jeff and I went to the library (new Margaret Maron book, squeee!), watched some Voyager, and took a nice, long nap, which left me groggy; I slept like the dead last night, even sleeping through the puppy barking when crisavec's bag was delivered at 3:30 in the morning, which shows how tired I was, since lately, I've been waking up when one of the kittens breathes heavily at night. The nap helped, but I'm still feeling sleep deped from this past week; hopefully, I'll sleep better this week. I need to get on the homework stick tonight, and I'm going to bed early.

It was a really, really good weekend. crisavec seems like a nice guy, and it was good to meet him, and I got to spend loads of time with two of my favorite people in the world and have them meet each other. I win.

p.s. thank you for doing dishes all weekend, redzils. :)

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