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Having houseguests impending is a good thing, not only because we're looking forward to the guests, but because we've knocked out some much overdue house cleaning. We've been working on conquering the guest room, which had become the recepticle for all things that we didn't have a place for at the moment. The dishes are mostly conquered, and when they are, we're instituting a new rule that the dishes have to be done every night, because it's silly for them to get piled up like that (inspiration here.) The fridge has been cleaned out. (It was getting really scary in there.) Etc, etc. It's nice to have a pleasent, clean house; if only we keep it this way...

It's a lovely day out there, perhaps to make up for this weekend's weather. All the windows are open, I've got sheets drying on the line, and the household is napping (except for me; I've got to be on campus and tracking, not just awake, at 8am, and if I nap now, as nice as that sounds, I'll never sleep tonight.) Instead, I need to dig into some homework.

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