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"Got any porn in there?"

I did nothing constructive today (well, except go to work this morning, hold class since the prof is out of town [not as scary as it sounds, we went over the test and watched film clips], gets the tests reorganized to go back in the files, and talk to one of my other supervisors about more tests). I did nothing constructive today, work or school wise, once I got home, and it was nice. I took a nap. I worked on a Sudoku. Marty took an extended nap in my lap while I read. We went to the Habitat Reuse store and got a reading chair for the office, something we've been meaning to get around to for awhile (of course, the kittens have promptly taken it over) and some Bojangles for dinner part one (I love a place that will let me get a sausage biscuit anytime of the day). We made some pasta for dinner part two and watched the extended version of Pegasus (link contains plot summary and spoilers ahoy, of course), which I liked better than the shorter version (though the one really ugly scene was much worse in the extended version, but I knew what was coming, which made it a little easier to watch.) We'd actually already watched Resurrection Ship I and II and Epiphanies, because I hadn't been in the mood to watch Pegasus when the disc came in the mail the other day, so now we're done with the disc and can mail it back, and Netflix will mail us more BSG. (Damn, I love Netflix. :) ) We played some Deus Ex.

So, short version: nice, non-worky day, which after a weekend of writing and grading exams, I needed. I'm going to have to read like a demon tomorrow to make up for it, but that's all right.

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