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So, yesterday I got on a train down to Durham to visit jeni in preparation for her wedding shower today. I picked up a travelling companion on the way, an older lady who (depending on which account I was getting; her memory was fading in and out) hadn't been on a train in either 60 or 10 years, and was concerned that she was going to have problems with taking the train. I promised her daughter that I'd make sure the lady (whose name I never caught) got off in Durham, and we had a delightful little chat about trains and travel and education and such. I got her delivered into her nephew's hands once we got to Durham, and she thanked me profusely, and I told her to have a good visit with her sister and went off to meet Jeni, grinning the whole way.

I love taking the train; it's a lovely, comfortable, non-stress-inducing way to travel. One of these days, I'm going to tour the United States via Amtrak.

Jeni and I spent yesterday running errands, including a long time in Target getting food for the shower (and where we finally found bridesmaid's shirts for the wedding, very pretty, and cheap too, score!) We got the house cleaned up and hung out with Huxley when he got home. We had some frozen lasagne for dinner and got about half an hour into V is for Vendetta before we all agreed that we were falling over, and crashed out.

Today was more errands and lots of food prep and then the shower itself, which went much better than I was expecting. Afterwards, we all sat around with her parents and his parents and a couple of friends and talked wedding for awhile, and eventually we packed up, because they were going to spend the evening in Greensboro anyhow, and they drove me up here and dropped me off.

I had a good time, and the shower went off well, but I'm fracking exhausted now and overpeopled, and my stomach didn't agree with something I ate at the party. I have too much work to get done this week, but thinking about what needs to get done when is going to wait until I've had the chance to get some sleep.

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