joyce (joyce) wrote,

Odd little day. I was supposed to have my normal class attending undergraduate herding in the morning, a meeting with one of my supervisors in the afternoon, a review session for the class I'm TAing for in the afternoon, and then my own class to attend. Instead, I woke up to an email from the supervisor saying that he had a migraine and thus, there would be no meeting and could I please proctor a test this afternoon (of course). He's the instructor for the evening class, so no evening class, which means I'm home on a Thursday night, which is kind of weird.

I spent most of the morning feeling frazzled; we were showing a movie in the 101 class, and I'd meant to get in early and make sure I knew how to make the projector system and the VCR play nicely with each other, and then I forgot about it and lazed around the house until such time as I remembered that I was supposed to get in early and oh shit, dammit. I spent the next hour running around and forgetting things on printers and not realizing the tape wasn't rewound and etc. Luckily, I found my head before the review session, and the prof for 101 is an understanding type.

We did get our reprieve for the group project of doom, thank $deity (surely there's a minor deity of academics?)

I'm running away to jeni's tomorrow, and should get packed up. I'm feeling decidedly lazy, though.

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