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1. Definitely a cold. I don't cough and hack with allergies. Feh. I've got some breathe easy tea and cough drops around here. Somewhere. In a box.
2. Anyone have any suggestions for strengthening one's immune system? Otherwise, the room full of germs full of freshmen that I interact with twice a week is going to have me sick all winter.
3. Marty just tried to get into a bag of lentils. You're really not going to like those once you get into them, cat, I promise. :)
4. ... and then decided to try to gnaw on some knitting needles and a pencil. I just carried her over to her food bowl; maybe that'll help.
5. Anyone know what happened to ciannait? =/
6. ... I've got nothing else this morning that's not whiny. I think I'll make some tea and do some work and make some waffles for breakfast when Jeff gets up. That sounds good. :)
7. Still not king.

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