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Yesterday I went out to lunch with a gaggle of other grad students and a couple folks from a social service agency that one of the other grad students works at. Lunch was nice, at a funky little restuarant downtown, and the food was tasty, if a little overpriced (but the portions were decent, and I got leftovers out of it, so it was only a little. I had a turkey and bacon and roasted corn and cheddar and tomato and lime mayo wrap and pesto pasta salad, num.) It was good to get to socialize with some folks, since most of the time, I see the professors I'm working for and the girl I share an office with, and that's it. I don't even see my fellow TA for the big class most of the time, since she handles attendance and grade records and things like that, and I handle dealing with the actual students. Of course, the down side to a big lunch like that is you end up talking only to your end of the table, and there were a couple of folks who'd gone through the phd application process at the other end that I would have liked to have bent the ear of. But we're talking about making this a monthy thing or so, so there will be more opportunities.

The rest of the day was spent reinstalling my computer (for the third time recently, but we're done with having to do it, so good) and doing homework. I didn't get everything done off my list, but I did get quite a bit done. We made homemade pizza for dinner, which has become a bit of a Friday night thing, and watched some Voyager.

We got up and hauled ourselves out to the farmer's market this morning (I say hauled only because we moved slowly in the mornings, especially on weekends, and because I woke up with aching sinuses, a stuffy nose, and tickly throat this morning. *stabbity* It is TOO EARLY for cold season to be starting.) and the library. Then we chased down to the farm we get our beef from, because they were having an open house today. There wasn't a huge ton going on, but we got our eggs and beef, and looked at some animals and admired an old house and Jeff told me about tractor operation. It's a pretty day out there, and it was fun, even if we didn't do much.

The plan for the rest of the day is work, unfortunately, with salad and Star Trek for dinner (reminds me, I need to start bread for croutons). My sinuses and throat mayb demand a nap in the near future here, though.

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