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I haven't been exercising much lately, but I have been biking back and forth to school, and already, I'm feeling a lot stronger for it then I was a month ago when school started.

On the way home from school, the road that I have to take home unless I want to go hella out of my way - which I might start doing soon, to get in more bike time (there are railroad tracks in the way) - goes underneath a bridge and up a fairly steep hill. It's a narrow, nasty piece of road, and instead of taking the lane like I should and making a proper left hand turn, I've been walking the bike up the sidewalk, peddling through the crosswalk, and going on my merry way. Well, I'm a hell of a lot less wobbly on hills than I was a month ago, and traffic is light by the time I get out of class on Monday nights, so I peddled up the road and got into the left hand turn lane and when the light changed, followed the car in front of me through the intersection and made a proper left hand turn like I should and the car behind me gave me plenty of room, and I made my way over into the far right of the right hand lane and made my next (right) turn and went on my merry way. It's not a trick I'm about to pull during rush hour (yet), but I'm pretty proud of myself.

It felt really, really weird being out there on my bike among all the cars. Also, I had the thought that, if I can do this, I can drive. It'd be mildly ironic if biking helped me get back my balls for driving, considering that most people bike in order to drive less.

Also, if I started doing this on a more regular basis than just back and forth to school, I'd be in a lot better shape, fast.

I finished riding home, grinning to myself and feeling sorry for the people stuck in their cages of steel and glass and rubber. It was a lovely night to be out.

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