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Well, that was exciting.

We'd gone out to go swimming - which was great fun, there was almost no one at the pool - and had to stop at Food Lion for a couple of things on the way home. So we got our tomato sauce and our tortillas and such (my tortillas are decent, but not yet enchilada ready) and got in the 'express" line. This Food Lion is the closest grocery between school and home, and it's certainly convienent - until you spend forever parked in line because they never have more than 2 lines open, and until you have to listen to the skuzzy folks that are also shopping at the Food Lion and take forever in line, and until you get behind the women that have like, 60 items broken into 4 orders so that they can get into the express line.

So we'd already decided that we really would rather avoid this Food Lion from now on - something that we mutter about every time we run in there for one or two things - when there was a sudden rush of people running out of the front of the store. "Oh, hey, that's Andre!" one of the women in front of us hollers. Eventually they tackle Andre and bring him back in with a load of frozen shrimp and BC headache tablets, the women in front of us acting like this was no big deal and that people try to steal things every day.

And that was our excitement for the day.

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