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Today was a nice day. I had a splendid, if wet, ride to campus; I was soaked by the time I got there, and somewhere in the middle, I started to wonder if perhaps there was a point at which riding in the rain got too wet and too cold, but I got to campus and changed into dry clothes and made a cup of tea, and all was well. I covered a class for the prof I'm grading for - no actual teaching, alas, just watching the students while they worked on a worksheet, but I got to answer a few questions and no one got pissy at me about their homework. I picked up some library books. I gave a couple of make-up tests and graded them I rode home (thankfully, the 40 days and nights stuff had died off by then.) I got a nice long nap and did a little straightening up. We had to run back to campus right before 5 to pick up the last of the homework papers that I need to grade this weekend. Hope and Faith came over, and we did personal pizzas for dinner (mine was white sauce, sundried tomatos, garlic, spinach, green peppers, cheese. So, so tasty) and too much ice cream and Scrabble and Settlers and playing with the cats and being loud and silly and letting off some steam from the week (Hope teaches middle school, and this was their first full week. Oy.)

My life is too good to me.

Today was a day off from homework, save some reading while I was giving the make-up tests. I need to dig in for most of the rest of the weekend, though.

I had a funny little moment at the library earlier. When I was at State, I had a hard time sometimes, because I would get interesting and/or needed books out of the library, and run into problems with the loan periods and the fact that I only got one renewal. Never mind that some of the books I was checking out hadn't circulated in literally years; I got my one renewal as an undergrad, and that was it. So I give the chick my books and my card today, and as she's scanning them, I think to myself "Hey! I bet I'm going to get to keep these for longer, since I'm a grad student now." She shoves the stack back at me and says "Okay, that'll be December 15th." I blink and squeak "December 15th? Wow" and she grins and says "Yea, you get them for the whole semester. Have a good day."

I had better watch myself, or I'm going to end up with half the school library on my office floor.

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