joyce (joyce) wrote,

I road my biike for a total of three one way trips to school today. Rawr. The first ride was okay, the second ride sucked, the third ride was pure fun. There's something that feels badass about riding in the rain.

We got out of class an hour early tonight. I was looking forward to coming home, making some salad for dinner, and finishing the Voyager episode that we started earlie. Only it turned out that the power had died about ten minutes before I called Jeff to come pick me up. We didn't want to open up the fridge to make the salad, in case it was a long while until they got the power back up, and we couldn't cook anything. We stewed for awhile and then headed out to IHOP on an impromptu date. It was nice; the food was tasty and the conversation chewy, and the power was up fairly soon as we got home. Thank you, Duke Energy.

Tomorrow is Friday, which is good. However, I've a class to supervise at nine and then make-up tests to give, so I should get to bed...

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