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Marty and I have a little routine, most mornings. I wake up a few minutes before the alarm, if I have to be up early, and roll over and stretch and such. Marty detects signs of life and hops up on the bed ("Mommy's awake! Wheee!"). Sometimes I get a bonus pounce to the feet, if they're visible. She slinks up to the top of the bed and crawls up onto my chest, where she seeks out of the first available patch of bare skin (one morrning, my cheeks - ouch) and starts kneeding and purring. Eventually I can't take the kneeding anymore and she curls up on my chest and purrs while I pet her until I decide that no, I really need to get up. Then we come into the office, and she waits impatiently while I open the window next to my desk. She plops down in the window and watches the outside while I check email and LJ and stuff.

Ellie, meantime, is parked in Jeff's desk chair pretending to ignore all of us.

I love our cats. :)

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