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We didn't sleep well last night. Unfortunately, the older I get, the more of a crap shoot it is as to whether I'm going to be functional on not enough sleep. I spent today in an advanced state of ugh, and most of the morning feeling like I was thinking with a vat of molasses instead of a brain, copius infusions of caffiene be damned. A nap this afternoon made me feel chipper enough that we toddled out to go swimming, but I ran out of steam pretty quickly after that and spent a goodly part of the evening wandering around unable to do anything. I did get some stuff done today - cooking a chicken for the rest of the week, dishes, some reading for tomorrow, and we got my computer installed - but not nearly enough school work, and no work work. Ugh. Days like today make me glad that I have advanced slack built into my schedule, but I hope I sleep better tonight if I'm going to get anything done tomorrow.

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