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I woke up feeling like the Energizer bunny this morning, and took advantage of it.

- dishes. Lots, and lots, and lots of dishes. There are no words to describe how many dishes there were. They're mostly vanquished, now. In fact, I had the sink almost empty, but then I ...
- cleaned out the fridge. Oy. That resulted in a small mountain of tupperware. I also ...
- made lasagne for dinner with my sisters (not my best effort, but pretty good) but which also made dishes. Not as many, though. I should be able to polish them off tomorrow.
- oh, and bread
- and fruit salad, which we didn't get into
- did two loads of laundry, including sheets
- will change the sheets (shortly). There's not much better than line-dried sheets, for simple pleasures.
- vacuumed the hallway and the living room
- swept the kitchen and the bathroom
- cleaned the bathroom sink and toliet. I should do the shower tomorrow.
- emptied the little trashcans and took out the trash
- reclaimed a recyling bin and gathered the recycling
- organized the silverware
- did some straightening up of the living room
- cleaned the stove

About the only thing that didn't get done today, actually, was homework. There's all day tomorrow for that, though.

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