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There's been some good food in our lives lately.

We had salad for dinner Thursday night. There were half wheat half white croutons, and a lot of great produce, and Jeff made salad dressing. This went much better than our previous attempts to make dressing, possibly because we stuck to simple instead of me pulling some complicated recipe out of a book. Equal parts red wine vinegar and olive oil, a little onion powder and a little garlic powder, and a lot of sundried tomatoes, chopped finely. Easy, and very very good. Jeff thought it had too much tomato; I thought the tomato was just right. However, it was a little sour; I think just a touch of sugar or honey next time wouldn't hurt.

This is also fantastic on cut up tomatoes and cucumbers, left to marinate in your fridge in a tupperware container until you decide you must have some. I had the last time morning with my toast and egg, and it was lovely. I need to obtain more cucumbers. :)

I've been on a fruit-yogurt-granola jag lately. Maybe I'll get around to making my own granola soon, but in the meantime, the local coop has pumpkin spiced granola on sale, and I can get a big bag of it for next to nothing and have great breakfasts all week.

We had enchiladas last night. I didn't make the tortillas, because I was feeling expedient, but it was local beef and local cheese and they were just right.

We have an unholy amount of fruit in the house right now. We got some peaches at the market last week that were destined for peach crisp but never quite made it there (I'll be doing something about that today, though); instead, a few worked their way into a fruit salad with some apples from two market trips again and plums from the local coop. The peaches were perfectly ripe and sweet. When we were at the market yesterday, the same farmer was trying to get rid of his stock so he could go home, so instead of one basket for $4, we got 2 for $5. It's a good thing we like peaches around here. We also got a tiny watermelon, just perfect for the two of us (instead of the monster we got last time, that took a week and a half and help from large portions of my family, to eat) that I need to get sliced up today. We also got some not-so-local blueberries and strawberries yesterday, which are probably going into fruit salad, once I clean out the fridge and can fit one of the large bowls in there.

Physical sensations have been a real treat lately. I've been exercising all week, and my body is appreciative (if sore.) We made it to the pool yesterday, and it just felt so good to be in the water, to be able to stretch any direction I wanted, to loosen up some muscles that had been tightened up all summer. Food's tasting better lately. I'm mostly sleeping better (though I woke up more times than I would have liked last night.) I woke up this morning and attacked the pile of dishes and vacuumed the bathroom and the hallway and did more dishes and made breakfast and organized the silverware, and it was fun. And now I'm going to go do some more.

I started out thinking about food, but now that I think about it, maybe the funk I've been in all summer is finally going away. That would be very, very nice.

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