joyce (joyce) wrote,

Yesterday we made our normal farmer's market run and met another local blogger who blogs about local food for coffee. It was fun, and good to meet her. We met up at the library coffee shop, since it was handy; that coffee shop also sells used books, to support the friends of the library. Holy wow, they had some fantastic deals. (redzils, we'll add this one to the used bookstore tour.) I got a Patricia Cornwell paperback for fifty cents (I'm lazily acquiring all the early [read, good] ones, with the intent of rereading them when I need some good fluff; I don't think I have this one, but if I do, I'll just put it up on Book Mooch) and a favorite Margaret Maron novel (in hardback) for a dollar. Our companion found a hardback copy of The Fiery Cross for $3. I didn't look too hard, because I would have left with more books that I don't need right now, but I'm going to have a hard time keeping myself from wandering in there every time we go to the library.

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