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We had take two on the tortillas tonight. I got to thinking about it, and decided that the problem last time wasn't that I didn't use enough flour; I didn't use enough fat for things to stick together, despite following the recipe. Vegetable oil and lard, after all, have very different qualities. So I made a half batch (in case they didn't turn out well) and quadrupled the amount of oil used to 2 tablespoons, using half olive oil and half vegetable oil. The end result looked much more like the beginnings of biscuit dough than last time did. The result was a smooth, easy to roll out dough that didn't stick the rolling pin. (Also, thank you warsop for the dishrag suggestion to keep the cutting board from sliding around; a silicone pot holder did the trick, too.)

They turned out perfectly. I may never buy tortillas again. This was so easy, once the dough was the correct consistency. I wish now I'd made a full batch, because we've got leftover beef. I might have to turn out some for lunch tomorrow... and now I want to try the half flour/half corn tortillas in another cookbook I have. We might have created a bit of a monster, here. :)
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