joyce (joyce) wrote,

Today's TA training, unlike yesterday's graduate orientation, was great. Seriously, really really great. It wasn't strictly required for me, as a graduate assistant not a teaching assistant, but highly recommended, and I'm glad I went; I'm probably going to tell my director that she should require all new GAs who are going to be assisting in the classroom to go. It was dragging a little by the end, but only from having been in the same room for most of the day.

I decided somewhere mid-training that the hair is coming off. I've been trying to grow it out long (like, really long, like, ass length long) but I'm tired of dealing with it, and it looks awfully lank, and all I do is wear it up, anyhow. I miss my kicky little chin length bob. So, as soon as I locate a beauty school or a cheap haircut coupon, off it comes. I might henna it after that; I miss red hair.

Tonight's feature consists of magaritas, homemade pizza, and DS9.

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