joyce (joyce) wrote,

So, today I learned that even if a campus is the size of a postage stamp smaller than one is used to, one should not expect that one will not get lost. Not forgetting one's campus map is key to this. If one should happen to forget one's campus map, one should make for the student center and get another, rather than saying "Oh, I know where I'm going, I'll be fine" lest one wants to tromp around in the heat for far too long, dodging freshman.

I punked out and did not ride my bike to campus this morning. The walk, door to door, was 33 minutes, including substantial waits at two sets of lights. Not bad. It feels longer than my walk to State did, mostly because it's through a residential area instead of mostly-campus, but it's really about the same length. Nice.

Orientation was markedly less than useful; I ended up leaving halfway through. However, I did get my keys (and the angel at the physical plant let me fill up my water bottle out of their ice machine) and I did eventually find student health. They've already gotten my presciptions transferred from State (they called me to let me know) but the thyroid meds won't be in until the middle of next week. I picked up the syllabi I need to correct. I discovered that one of my office doors locks automatically (thankfully, not by locking my keys in there.) Missions accomplished, all around.

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