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Most of yesterday afternoon was spent building a bookshelf. We gained 33 feet of board space, plus the top and the underneath for storage. It's gorgeous. :) Next up is a paperback shelf or two (probably this weekend.) It actually didn't take that long to build, and was relatively easy. I added "power sander" to the power tools skillset I've been gaining recently (along with introduction to power drill, chop saw, and table saw.) We'll get the books out of boxes and organized, and then have space to start to work on everything else...

Other than that, I'm not quite sure where the rest of the day went. It was my last full day of vacation, so I was making an effort to be fairly lazy (well, other than the bookshelf and finishing mowing the lawn. Okay, so I was trying to be lazy, and failed.) Dishes, some Deus Ex, a couple episodes of West Wing, a little reading, too much webbing. We had really, incredibly good salads for dinner; we got organic green leaf and romaine from Earth Fare, and with our farmer's market vegetables and the eggs that I got just right and the croutons that I seem to have perfected... it was a small bit of perfect in a bowl.

I'm up early today for orientation, which isn't required, but I'm being a good little new grad student and going. If nothing else, the campus tour will be handy. And I need to go by the physical plant and see if my keys are ready yet, and by student health (wherever they are) to see if I can go ahead and get my perscriptions transferred so they'll be ready for me Monday...


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