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The theme song for life lately has been "today was a good day." Jeff and I ran errands this afternoon, including finally purchasing the wood for the first monster bookcase to go in the hallway. Hope picked me up in the evening, and we ran out to the mall for her to get wedding shower gifts. We did Mexican lasagne and the last of the watermelon for dinner, and she headed home. Jeff and I just watched the Star Trek:Next Gen series finale (which didn't feel like much of a finale; it's hard to believe that we're done with the series.) I think we're going to play a round of Deus Ex, and then I need some sleep... I'm completely enjoying the tail end of my summer vacation, even if it's not all that exciting to write about. :)

  • Today was a good day

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    In honor of today's events, my subconcious treated me to nightmares about failing classes all night. Stupid brain. :)

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    What I need to do to graduate, a list by Joyce, age 29: - finish reading Madhumalati (currently on p. 110 122 136 156…

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