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Yesterday was a good day.

So when we got to the farmer's market this weekend, our normal beef vendor wasn't out in her normal spot. We don't know if she just sold out early or had somewhere to be or what, but we were a bit thrown, because two of our meals this week called for ground beef. Fortunately for us, their farm isn't too far south of the house, and they'd recently opened a store near the farm, so we decided to run down there and get what we needed.

The drive down and back proved that we need to purchase a good county map. On the way down, Google maps hadn't labelled a couple hundred yard section of road very well, so we were looking for one road to turn on to get on the state highway that we needed, and it was really called something else entirely. By the time we realized this, we were way further south than we had meant to be. However, the road we ended up on ended up running into the other state highway that we needed, so it worked out. (On the way back, we missed a turn because it came up sooner than we expected. It worked out, because we knew which direction we were headed in and knew we had to hit the city limits sooner or later, and we actually ended up somewhere we'd ended up Sunday when we got pseudo-lost coming back from my family reunion, so we knew where we were. So we didn't even really get lost, but if we're going to keep traipsing around the North Carolina countryside like this, we need at least a Guildford county map, and we should probably go ahead and get a book for the whole state.)

When we got there, the address we had proved to be an old, run-down farmhouse, not a store. However, there was a store like building across the street, so we pulled over there, and as we were pulling up to the building, the lady from the farmer's market walked out the front door (she is always, always bright and bubbly. When she saw us, she's all "Well, hey y'all! You found us! It's great to see you!" We got our beef, and some corn that'd been picked at 6 yesterday morning, and resisted getting a bunch of other stuff that we're not going to manage to eat this week (though I think this weekend we'll get the materials for peach cobbler.) However, they have eggs and sausage from the farm that we normally get them from, so now we know that if we have to miss a Saturday market for some reason, we can still get the goods. We stood there and talked to her for a few minutes; apparently she's just resigned her teaching job to try to make the farm and store and florist shop a full-time thing, so we wished her luck. It was a fun adventure. We're hoping to ask to interview her for Low Mileage Food the next time we see her.

So, we got home, and the sun was shining and it wasn't too hot outside, and that had to mean one thing: mowing the grass. We'd had a series of days recently where all we got was rain, and then the really bad hot spell, when it was too hot to mow, so the grass was getting crazy long.

I don't, as a rule, mow grass. The last time was 15 years ago or so, when teenaged Joyce took a turn on the riding lawn mower, did a really bad job of it because she'd couldn't drive a riding lawn mower any better than a car, and was relieved of lawn-mowing duty. :) Ever since, I've lived places where the lawnlord or rental company took care of it. But in this house, it's our responsibility. So we hauled out the mower yesterday, and Jeff gave me a quick lesson in cord management so I wouldn't run it over (it's an electric mower) and off I went. Lawn mowing is harder work than it looks; I no longer think the guys who knock on our door and want $50 to do it are quite so crazy (I would think I was crazy if I paid them that to do it, seeing as I how I don't get that much an hour...) I got the back down and part of the side, and I'll finish up the front and the other side today if the weather cooperates. It's a little thing, but it was the first significant exercise I'd gotten in weeks, and it was actually kind of fun, so I was proud of me.

We've been wanting to try homemade tortillas for awhile; however, most of the recipes I'd seen involved lard, which we 1) keep forgetting to ask our eggs and sausage farmers if they could sell us and 2) keep forgetting to buy period and 3) I'm not sure that I really want to eat that much of, anyhow. One of the blogs I read posted a recipe that used vegetable oil, which I'd been kind of thinking that I could use instead of lard, but I hadn't been sure. So I gave it a try last night.

They turned out pretty well. I didn't get the dough smooth enough, which meant that they were hard and a little sticky to roll out, which meant that they ended up thicker than normal tortillas (more like what you'd get if you ordered, say, a gordita at Taco Bell). Next time, I'll add more flour when I'm mixing the dough and see if I can get a more smooth, less sticky result, and I'll probably just disinfect a section of counter and use it to roll them out, instead of trying to use a cutting board (which, of course, slipped all over the place.) However, they tasted fantastic, so I was very, very pleased in the end. (Only part of the kitchen ended up covered in flour...)
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