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Faith had a couple of days off of camp, so she and Hope came over for dinner and scrabble tonight. I made Dutch babies for the first time (ours were minus the bananas and chocolate chips, but plus fried apples [for me, even though I burned the first batch, my first major burning incident in awhile] and plenty of peanut butter and maple syrup.) I accidently left out the salt on the first batch, and everyone agreed that the second batch had a better consistency than the first one (who knew that a quarter teaspoon of salt could make such a huge difference?) (p.s. dear Cooking Light: 6 servings? Crackmonkeys. love, me). It didn't puff up as much as I expected, or brown as much; next time, I'll use less butter to grease the pan. Actually, next time I think I'll try the recipe from my Betty Crocker cookbook; I went with the Cooking Light one because it had a shorter cooking time, but the longer time might make for a poofier result.

Anyhow, quibbles aside, dinner was very tasty. So was the Scrabble, even if I got my ass kicked. :)

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