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So I'm cleaning my desk, in preparation for buying school supplies this weekend (though, really, all I need at this point is the rest of my books, printer paper, and good pens for taking notes; I have notebooks already, and mom says that she has lined paper. Another small whiteboard for my side of the office would be nice, but other than that... college requires a lot less stuff than elementary school did, thank goodness [well, thank goodness in that it's better for my wallet; it's not good for my office supply jones.] And I already have things like the big holepunch, which don't go bad.) In 2 cups on my desk, I had: a one hole punch, scissors, an exacto knife, one chop stick, 4 unsharpened pencils (which is funny, because when my mom was trying to tell me what I needed for school supplies a week or so ago, she was trying to tell me that I need pencils that I don't use. They may be left over from stats 2 semesters ago), 1 unsharpened NCSU sociology souvenir pencil, 14 pens (none of which are the kind that I can write with for more than 10 minutes without killing my wrists and hands, and thus, do me little good), 3 fine point sharpies, 9 highlighters, and 7 dry erase markers (which are, of course, helpfully located on my desk instead of the dry erase board across the room.)

Clearly, I need to clean off my desk more often. And check supplies before I buy more supplies (which is how Ginger and I, once upon a time, ended up with 6 jars of soy sauce.) Does anyone want to take a guess on how many of these pens actually work? :) And does anyone have a favorite non-wrist killing pen that they recommend (preferably refillable, since I get tired of throwing the silly things away)?

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