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+ It's Friday.
- I woke up with a sinus headache. Wonder if we're in for more weather.
+ Payday.
- And my direct deposit still hasn't kicked in. Sheesh. I am not impressed with yon temp agency, save for the fact that they got me work (which, mind you, is pretty good.)
+ At least the office is on our way home, meaning my check is easy to pick up.
- I dressed up yesterday, as per orders, and did not see one high muckety-muck the whole time. I was not nearly the only person with that complaint. I am not dressing as nicely today.
+ one more week at the crazy temp job, after today.
+ I slept pretty well. The heart pounding adrenenalin rushed sleep is mostly gone, to be replaced with my normal garden variety tossing and turning.

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