joyce (joyce) wrote,

When I am well fed and well slept, my best hours seem to be (at least in the last while) 6pm or so to 11pm. Around 11, I turn into a pumpkin again. My second best hours are mid-afternoon, when the food coma from lunch has let up (note to self, after this job is over and you can eat whenever you need to, experiment with the small meals thing to see if you can head off the lunch coma). On weekends when I can do it, I often fall over (almost forcefully, this past weekend) late in the afternoon, somewhere around 4 or 5.

My best time has never been morning.

Don't mind me; I'm just babbling (and making notes, because they are handy to look back at.) The above is very not-useful when one is working standard American business hours of 8 to 5. Hopefully, it will be very useful this fall when all of my classes are evening classes.
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