joyce (joyce) wrote,

My sister is a goddess.

I got out of work and went to turn the ringer of my phone back on, and discovered that I had missed calls from Jeff. So I called him back. You see, he's been driving me back and forth to work, because it's an hour and a half and $2.75 on the bus, or 20 minutes in the car and not that much in gas, even in the Ranger (and much less in the Metro). Which is against my green sensibilities, but sleep and time with my boyfriend and cats won, for the short length of this job. If it were going to be for much longer than a couple weeks, I'd find a carpool.

Anyhow. Jeff's been driving me, lovely that he is. The Ranger is currently out of commission; the brake lights were out, and the brakes were disconnected to pull out the part that is needed to make the lights go. This shouldn't be an issue; we also have his Metro. Except this afternoon, he went out to start the Metro, and it wouldn't turn on. The battery was toast. He didn't leave the lights on, there were no warning slavos this morning, it just went tits up. (It's an eleven year old battery, so while the timing was annoying, it's not hugely surprising.) So he was stuck at home with two non-functional vehicles, and I was stuck at work, 10 miles from home and fourish from the nearest GTA stop (I have a card for the GTA system, but I work out in regional bus system land), not dressed to walk that distance, and with $20 in my pocket but no change for the regional buses. The security guards didn't have change. I called my sister. She played fetch and drove Jeff to an auto parts store. I will start carrying change with me from now on, in case such a thing happens again. All is well again (except for the fact that I don't have my paycheck and am not signed up for direct deposit, things that were going to happen this afternoon.)

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