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It's been a good weekend. Yesterday was our first farmer's market run in three weeks; the return of routine is welcome. We also worked on making the kitchen liveable, and made a lot of progress. It's not perfect, by any means, but it's a lot better; we were actually able to sit at the kitchen table with Hope and Faith and eat dinner, and play Scrabble. One of the things that we brought back with us from Seattle was a storage cabinet of Jeff's; formerly used to house computers, it's now holding small appliances and the overflow coffee mug collection. Once we get a couple more shelves in it, it'll be even more useful.

Today has been a lot of laziness, a lot of reading (I've been short attention span girl when it comes to books lately; I'm in the middle of something like 5 of them right now. But I got the next book in the series about immortal cyborgs that I've been reading in the mail yesterday, and I haven't been able to put it down) [dear Greensboro library users: stop stealing books by this particular author, please?], some errands: Lowes, for new deadbolts, Earthfare, for this and that, Petsmart, for cat food (our cats graduated to adult food [well, mixed kitten and adult food] today. *blink*) and a quick run into the used bookstore on Battleground, where I failed in my objective to find the next Kage Baker book and the next Mrs. Pollifax book (I've read the Mrs. Pollifax books in a hit or miss fashion for years now, but I've started at the beginning of the series, with The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax. It's copyright 1966, and it's odd reading about a world where Communism was still considered to be one of the biggest threats.) [side note: if you like mysteries/suspense novels, and like things that aren't terribly heavy reading but not insultingly light, check out the Mrs. Pollifax books; they're about an older woman who walks into the CIA and asks for a job as a spy, a premise that sounds hokey but works in a lovely, light-hearted, and fun-to-read fashion.] artisanal_xara and feebdaed stopped in for awhile tonight, on their way home from a weekend out of town, and it was wonderful to see them. Green salads for dinner, and it's almost time to go to bed and start another work week.

Life is pretty good.

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