joyce (joyce) wrote,

Dinner tonight was pot roast and side salads. Vegetables for the salads from the farmer's market (our normal lettuce folks weren't out today, which was a bit frustrating, so greens were from food lion) and the beef for the roast was from Rocking F Farm; it was the second half of the roast that we froze about a month ago. We did something a little different with the roast today; instead of just running it in the crock pot on high for five hours, we ran it on high for 2.5 and low for 5. The result was stunning. :) We'll keep fixing the roast like this from now on.

Faith and Hope came over for dinner. There was Scrabble and silliness. :)

The LCD on my laptop is being flaky, and Jeff's trying to fix it now (I'm on his computer). So I may or may not be online for the next few days, depending on 1) when we can get in touch with Detective Flaky 2) if he can fix it 3) how much I get to use Jeff's computer. Feh.

[eta:] Well, he did his voodoo, and it seems to be working for now. :) Yay.
Tags: food:eat_local

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