joyce (joyce) wrote,

There were some technical difficulties with dinner tonight (pot roast in the crock pot), so that's been bumped to tomorrow night. We don't have a lot of food in the house (we really weren't up to grocery shopping when we got back, so we made a Food Lion trip for mostly convienence food; regular meal planning resumes tomorrow) so Jeff finally suggested what I think is the ultimate in "I'm an adult and I can eat whatever the hell I want for dinner": pb&j, and cheap sherry. Of course, the peanut butter is honey roasted all natural fresh ground from Earth Fare, and the jelly is organic pomegranate that was on sale at our local coop yesterday, so it's most definitely the adult version (and would be even more so, if we had better bread.) Damn, it's tasty, too. Sometimes I need to be reminded that dinner doesn't always have to be a production.
Tags: food

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