joyce (joyce) wrote,

Devil's Tower, Wyoming

I don't have cellular signal (let me repeat that: Hope, if you've tried to call me in the last 14 hours or so, it won't have worked. We'll be back on the highway this morning by ten or so) but there is an open wireless network at the gift shop. Hells yea. :)

It has been a long couple of days, and I have a ton to say, but I'll save most of it until we get home. I just wanted to post that we were still alive and (mostly) having fun. Ginger charged me with text'ing her to make sure Wyoming hadn't eaten us, but see above re: lack of cell signal.

Devil's Tower is amazing. The last couple of days, I've started to understand why people do things like full-time rv'ing and three month tent camping tours. There would certainly be disadvantages, but the ability to wake up in places like this every day... wow. That would be something.

I'm so not catching up on LJ this morning. I'll read when I get home. :)

I'm looking forward to being home, but I am not looking forward to getting back to real life.
Tags: travel, travel:roadtrip:2006

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