joyce (joyce) wrote,

Yesterday was your stock and standard plane trip. We flew out of RDU, which isn't the closest airport, but GSO (the one ten minutes up the road) is generally more expensive, and in the case of these one-way tickets, was way more expensive. We cleared security in no time, our luggage was some of the first off the conveyor belt in SEA, the layover in Atlanta wasn't bad (and we even got to leave from the same concourse we came in on, unlike some of my previous Atlanta airport experiences). It's been awhile since I've flown with anyone, so I'd forgotten that it's fun to have someone to snarky people watch with and nice to have someone to use as a pillow when you want to catnap. I still hate flying (we were standing in line to get on plane number one, and I said "I'd much rather be doing this on a very very fast train. On the ground." and the guy in front of me turns around and nods very emphatically and nervously) but overall, we can't complain, even though it was a long long day.

Heather picked us up and we came back to her house and gave us the nickel tour, since we hadn't seen it yet. I slept like the dead. Heather graciously pointed us in the direction of breakfast materials before we all went to sleep, so we've eaten, and Jeff's mom will be here in a little while.
Tags: travel, travel:roadtrip:2006

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