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The library had the Shahnameh, or the Persian book of kings, on the new book shelf today. I squealed like a little girl; I hadn't even known that someone was releasing a translation of the whole thing. (We read a very little bit of it in my myth class this past spring.) It's a 14 day book, and there's no way that I'm going to get through all of it anytime soon, but I can get through enough to decide if I find the translation readable (of course, if I don't, I don't have a whole lot of choices out there) for the next time I have book money.

If you happen to have a library handy that has a copy, and you're interested in this sort of thing, it's highly recommended (at least, from the bit I read for class.) The Shahnameh is a treatise on Iranian history and on kingship. It is not an unqualified praise of kingship; far from it, it often criticizes kings and how they act.

Squeee. :)
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