joyce (joyce) wrote,

My brain has been convinced all day that it's Sunday and that I'm running out of weekend. I don't know why it's so convinced of that, and I don't know why it's so concerned anyhow, seeing as how weekends are fairly immaterial to me at the moment.

Today was very domestic: meal planning, farmer's market (eggs, milk, hamburger, green peppers, cheese, sausage), trying to sort out the kitchen (we have a kitchen table again, woot), some laundry (which reminds me, dammit, my laundry is still out on the line. I'll go deal with that in a minute), lawn mowing (on Jeff's part), going through my mammoth pile of paperwork and junk mail and figuring out what could be recyled and what needed to be shredded and etc. Blah blah blah. We watched some Star Trek and ate a decidedly not local Tombstone pizza for lunch (Food Lion, on crazy sale, $1.99 instead of the normal $4.99) and made up part of the local sirloin roast we got last weekend for dinner (it's all about the pot roast.) I had a nice little nap in the middle of the afternoon (I haven't been feeling rested lately, no matter how much I sleep. Which is a vicious cycle, because then I fall over take a nap mid-afternoon, then I don't sleep so well, then...) A girl can't complain about days like this.

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