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Yesterday morning was the farmer's market: a green pepper, tomatoes, potatoes, salad greens, eggs, and an amazing looking sirloin tip roast big enough for two dinners. We'll freeze the other half when we make pot roast this week. Yesterday afternoon, lux was up in the Triangle visiting family, so she drove up here to visit me. :) We went to Yum-Yum's, which is a local hot dog and ice cream place (butterscotch ice cream, so good) and she took me on a little driving tour of UNC-G, and we ended up at Old Navy and a few other places window shopping before hanging out here a bit. It was lovely to see her; we'd let that go too long. Evening, we didn't do a whole lot; caesar salad for dinner, a trip to the liquor store (where Jeff got carded, much to our amusement, and I got told I looked 17, which was also amusing. It's funny; at 25 or 26, being told that annoyed the hell out of me. These days, as long as it's not somewhere like a job, I feel like I'm getting away with something. :) ), some Star Trek, some survivalist talk, early bed, and reading. It was a good day.

This morning we're up stupid early because someone (i.e. me) left out yarn, and the cats got into it and woke us up. Feh.
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