joyce (joyce) wrote,

Dinner tonight is salisbury steaks, with the beef we got this weekend, and roasted potatoes, with farmer's market potatoes from last week. Local milk for the gravy (which turned out to be pretty tasty, if a little lumpy; I'm still working on making good gravy), and the rest of the ingredients are from who knows where.

The point, though, is that the meat is good. Really, very good. Flavorful, and rich, and not too fatty. I'm not always a beef eater, but I'm enjoying every bite of this. It turned out that the pound was in 4 patties (I thought it was in 2) and I'm grateful; the other two patties are going to make fantastic burgers for tomorrow's lunch.

This is my second fantastic food experience today; ebs98 was in town today, so we went and got lunch at Bear Rock (I would have preferred somewhere local, but I've no idea where the good local places are yet.) I got a roast beef sandwich on asiago foccacia with more asiago on the sandwich and horseradish mayo, and it was utterly divine.
Tags: food:eat_local

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