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farmer's market report

We went back to Greensboro Curb Market today, and there were many, many more folks out than there were Wednesday morning. The haul:

- 2.5 dozen mixed medium and large eggs, $3 (a heck of a deal, considering that a dozen large eggs was $2). We normally pay a about $1.70 at Food Lion for a dozen eggs, so this was still a great deal. We go through eggs like water around here.
- about 2.5 pounds of tomatos, at $2 a pound. mmm, tomatos. I love warm weather for tomato season. Better than the grocery store, and they'll be better tomatos.
- lettuce, 2 heads for $4, which is what we've been paying at the grocery store lately. The heads are huge and look fantastic.
- local hamburger, $4 a pound, a touch over a pound. I've no real concept of what hamburger costs in a conventional grocery, because we haven't bought any in months.
- one green pepper, 75 cents

We want to start eating as much local, grain and grass raised meat as possible, for a variety of reasons, and it was nice to see this morning that we're going to have the option. It's going to cost more, but the meat will be better for us and better tasting, and we've decided that we'd rather eat less meat but better meat. We have three meatless nights lined up for dinner this week, after digging through one of my Moosewood cookbooks and finding a surprising number of recipes that sounded tasty to the both of us (surprising only because we both have quite a few foods we don't like.) Anyhow, this morning there were farmers out with local beef, chicken, and sausage. We actually could have gotten the hamburger cheaper from another farmer, whom we didn't see until we'd already gotten our meat (2.25 if you bought 10 pounds or more, 2.50 if you didn't.) Chicken ranged from $3.50 a pound for whole chickens to $6.50 a pound for split breasts. Sausage was $3 a pound for bulk or patties, which is no worse than the links we get at the store. The reason I put all the numbers out is because a lot of folks (though not, I would imagine, any of you) say that it costs too much to eat locally and sustainably, but it doesn't have to, with some planning. We're lucky that we live in an area where we have markets like this available, and we'll never be able to eat 100 percent locally - we both love things like coffee way too much - but every bit helps.

Anyhow... next week, we'll go a little earlier (they're only open until noon on Saturday, we got there at 11, and it was crowded) so that we have time to talk to the farmers about how the meat is being raised before we purchase it. Also, we wanted to talk to the Slow Food Piedmont folks, but they were packing up when we got there. Next week.

Then we swung by Deep Roots to get some of the things we couldn't get at the farmer's market. We skipped the $3.99 a pound organic cucumbers from Mexico, though. :)

We didn't see strawberries today, which was a little odd, since they were all over the other farmer's market last week. But we're going back out there tomorrow to get plants for the fledgling gardening efforts, so maybe we'll be able to snag some then.

All told, we put about $40 into the local economy this morning, something that pleases me greatly.
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