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Yesterday, one of the little old men across the street (this is mostly a neighborhood of families and retireds; we seem to have hit just far enough south of the school to avoid student-ville, for which I am grateful) was out on his porch while we were out on ours, discussing tomato plants. He hollered "hello" at us, and after a "who's on first"-esque attempt at exchanging names, we trotted over and sat in his living room with him and his wife and chattered for a few minutes. They seem like nice folks.

This afternoon, there were a couple kids playing out in our back yard. I looked at them out the window, but they weren't doing any harm, so I didn't say anything but went back to doing dishes. A couple minutes later, there was a bang on the door. It was the kids, asking if we minded if they played in the back yard. :) So we told them no, go ahead, and they did for awhile. I was finishing up supper in the kitchen when someone banged on the back door. It was one of the kids (I ought to ask their names.) "We need to go home now. We'll be back tomorrow!" "Oh-kay. I hope you had fun." *scuffle scuffle looks down* "You don't have a PS2 so I can bring games over, do you?" Ahha, that's what this is about. Hee. "Nope, I'm afraid not. We're boring." "Game Boy Advance?" "Nope, sorry." "Okay." "Be careful walking home." "Okay." And that was that.

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