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Today we checked out the Piedmont Triad Farmer's Market, which is up I-40 towards Winston about 10 miles from the house. It was both disappointing and not, at the same time. The plant selection was utterly fantastic; when we get back from Seattle in June, we're going to start playing with container gardening, and for things we want seedlings for, we know where to get them. From a food standpoint, it was disappointing. We were hoping for eggs and meat (we want to start investigating local meat sources, and we've committed to all local eggs and milk), but there was no one out selling today (well, there was one gentleman with beef information, but only about quarters and halves, and we don't have the storage space for that currently.) We're hoping the weekend will be better; also, we're going to go check out the Greensboro Curb Market either Wednesday or Saturday, and see what they have. They're closer to the house, and if they have as good or better selection than the big market, there will be no need to chase out there. Today, we ended up with strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes, and sugar snap peas, and it set us back a total of $10. The tomatoes are amazing, and I expect everything else will be, too.
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