joyce (joyce) wrote,

Yesterday afternoon, we went down with my family to see Faith attend her investiture ceremony, whereupon she recieved her academic hood for her degree. The actual graduation is tomorrow, which Jeff and I will not be attending because we will be attending my graduation (to which I don't get to invite anyone else, because I get four spots total and have many more people than that that I would like to invite, so.) My little sister was beautiful in her cap and gown; I am immensely proud of her.

Today has been unpacking and laundry (have I mentioned that I'm in love with our washing machine?) and some lazing about and filling out job applications. Well, one, the substitute app for Guilford County schools, which was miles long. I got email from a staffing agency that sounds marginally more useful than Manpower was on Wednesday, so we'll see about that. Other than the lack of income, which I've trying not to stress too much about, life is pretty good.

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