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Manpower this morning was a complete bust, and to add to it, I missed my bus stop and ended up walking much farther than I needed to in new dress shoes, tearing my feet up all to hell and back (I'm glad I left myself extra time, just in case. I ended up being right on time. The Greensboro Transit Authority seems to run on-time, however, unlike the Raleigh bus system. Wonders never cease.) Ah, well. I've more places to call tomorrow.

We borrowed my mom's van this afternoon and ran into Raleigh to pick up more stuff from the apartment (sorry, Raleighites; it was a run-in-run-out kind of thing.) We think we have one more good vanload left. We got home, unloaded, and headed back out to the parents to return the van. Mom fed us dinner (mmm, fried chicken.) We gained a Faith, who came back here with us for the evening. We got the office set up, and the futon in the guest room so that Faith could sleep. (Well, okay; Jeff and Faith did most of the setting up. I got my laptop and docking station done, and otherwise mostly sat around tiredly muttering about being spatially challenged.) It is really, really nice to have the office set up; it feels much more like home here now.

There are interesting posts on books that I want to go chatter on, but I'm falling over (this is the latest I've been up in at least a week; Monday we were in bed at 8:30) and they'll be there tomorrow...
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