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Jeff and I have been working, off and on, on eating more organically and eating more locally and eating more slow food and less prepackaged crap and spending more of our money locally. You can't do all of these things all of the time, but you can try to do some of them as often as you can. We have been doing fairly well at this, off and on. We're hoping that having the stress of moving and the semester over will allow us to work on this a lot over the summer and get into some good habits, so that we'll be in them once fall gets here and I go back to being in school and busy.

Normally, we get our environmentally friendly biodegradable recycled household and paper products at Whole Foods, but there is not WF in Greensboro, so we checked out Earth Fare yesterday. We were pleased. The bulk spices had us swooning, the prices on paper goods were comparable to WF, the meat looked good, blah blah blah. They had things like bulk olive oil, which is pleasing from the standpoint of trying to cut down on how much packaging gets used for our groceries. Most of the produce was not tagged with its origins, unfortunately. The biggest coup from yesterday was laundry soap made in Mayodan (30 miles from here) by a local company. Cheaper than anything else the store had, and environmentally friendly, too. I've done four loads of laundry with it so far, and it's great stuff (and non-smelly.)

Today we ended up at Deep Roots Market. The place is the size of a shoebox. It had about the same brands as Earth Fare, but with some stuff we hadn't seen there yesterday as well. They had Dr. Bronner's in bulk, which will be handy. They had local milk (15 miles) for 60 cents a gallon cheaper than Earth Fare did yesterday (3.99 a gallon, which is comparable to what Food Lion has wanted for its store brand stuff lately.) Prices were up and down from EF, depending on what the product was. I imagine we'll end up there for some things and other places for other goods.

Dinner tonight was organic ravioli (pine nut, basil, asiago; a little pricely but tasty) and organic tomato sauce and fruit salad made with an organic apple and the leftovers of our decidely not local fruit from this weekend, and a green salad made up with leftovers from the sandwiches this weekend. There's been a decided lack of real food in our lives lately, as we worked on cleaning out the freezer and pantry premove, and I'm glad that we ended up getting stuff we could cook at home tonight instead of going out like we'd talked about.

Next up is getting back into the swing of meal planning and eating real food. We need to find the local farmer's markets. I need to start a list of normally premade stuffs that I want to find recipes for (breakfast bars and crackers come to mind at the moment.) I'm looking forward to when my dad's garden starts coming in this summer, because it doesn't get much more local than that (except for the container gardening we want to do on our back porch.)
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